Naturally Grown Gourmet Garlic

Naturally Grown Gourmet Garlic


About Us

Garlic Scapes

We are a small, family owned and operated garlic farm in central New York State.  We use organic farming methods and sustainable farming techniques.  

We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our farm.  We weed our fields extensively by hand.  All soil is mulched with hay that is grown on the farm and cover crops are used to help control weeds and provide nutrients.  We rotate the fields that we grow in yearly.  Each garlic bulb is planted, harvested, and cleaned by hand- there are no automated processes involved.

We have garlic scapes available in late June and our garlic is available in mid August.  We tend to sell out of garlic quickly and are usually sold out by mid October, so we do encourage pre-ordering.

We will have garlic seed available for purchase in August 2020..

Organic Garlic

Garlic Varieties

The Garlic we grow on the farm has been chosen based on strict criteria (Italian grandmothers were a large part of this process).  We grow three types of hardneck garlic at the farm- these were selected based upon having strong but smooth flavors that are distinctly different from one another.  Our garlic was also chosen based on its ability it thrive in the the northeast United States.

Brinks in the Garlic

Seed Garlic

We get many requests from our customers to supply garlic seed for them to grow in their own gardens.  Starting in August 2020 we will began selling seed for the three main types of gourmet garlic that we grow at the farm.   We will also be adding detailed instructions on how we grow our garlic and some tips and suggestions on how to grow the best garlic possible!

Contact Us

We have online ordering coming soon, until it is up and running, please shoot us an email or a FB message for all orders and questions.

Brinks Hill Farm

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